Spending time between London Andalucía and Somerset. I garden but am not a gardener. Getting to grips with the climate and plants in Andalucia.  Happily retired. Instagram: pitcombe123 twitter : pitcombe

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there, it’s David, curator of Further Afield here. I trust you are well and don’t mind y getting in touch.

    I know we have exchanged messages when you visited Scotland but I wondered if you would be happy to write a short review of your stay there for our blog on the new site? Also, I noticed you mention Somerset (I am a Dorset boy) and Andalucia where I now live! Where about in each?

    Would be great to hear from you

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    1. Hi David. I’d be happy to. I did a blog on the garden when we were there at easter. https://happyretiredblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/16/the-garden-at-ard-daraich/
      Let me know what you want and I’ll happily do it. It’s a fabulous place. We have a Cottage just outside of Bruton which we are now selling. 23 years later it was time for a move. We have a small Casa in Competa which we found earlier this year. Which we love. It’s a great place. We were talking about you recently to the agent we bought off. We actually stayed with you guys in 2016 when we were looking for houses. Our great friends are Phillipe and Andonis who are one of yours. My email is pitcombecottage@btinternet.com


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