The weather has been good this week. Some chilly nights and early mornings but the daytime temperatures have been good.

Things are suddenly shooting up and there are buds forming and new flowers opening. But we haven’t had any rain here in Andalucia for weeks. And there is only a drop forecast for next week. Which as we know can change daily.

Strelitzia Reginae

The Strelitzia Reginae continue to delight. The one in a large pot has one open flower with four more in various stages. The ones planted in the garden are not as large and flower less frequently. This is one of those that is flowering now. There are a further four spikes in various plants to come so there should be a succession of flowers for a few months. They are such a beautiful flower. The Strelitzia Nicolai shows no sign of flowering yet. But that flower is not on a spike it just appears from the side of the plant.


We saw this Colocasia at the local garden centre stuck in a corner where we were getting a coffee. Asked if it was for sale. It was so home it came. For now it’s still in its pot on the terrace. But the leaves are large and very lovely. It may just stay there.


The flowers of the cistus have started to come out slowly this year. A lovely colour and they look like crepe paper. Eventually there will be seed heads. But for now I’ll enjoy the flowers!


Now I have to admit I’m not a huge lover of the Swiss cheese plant. We always had one of these and a rubber plant as houseplants as we were growing up. But this one is planted in the garden. It’s doing well so it can stay and I’m getting to like it more. There are massive ones in La Conception gardens in Malaga ( Botanical Gardens) which are growing in the shade. I don’t expect this one to get that big.

Orange blossom

We have two orange trees in the garden. Last year one had no fruit. The other had a moderate crop. There is blossom on both trees this year. One more than the other but there are loads of gorgeous white flowers. The scent is already lovely but when the majority opens it will be awesome.

Foxtail agave

This one sadly isn’t mine. It’s a photo I took when we were at the beach yesterday. But we have three Foxtail Agave in the garden. Two in pots and one in the garden and they are a big favourite of mine. But I was instantly struck by the flower. I have seen them dotted around but haven’t be able to get this close to one. It’s simply stunning.

5 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 2/3 Spain

  1. Six beauties! I would love to have a go at growing strelitzia, they instantly take me back to South Africa which is where I first saw them. The cistus is lovely too with the crepe paper flower and furry textured foliage. You can keep the monstera, though I concede in a garden it is probably acceptable, but my favourite here is that marvellous foxtail. I saw one in the botanic garden at Ventnor in the IOW and wondered what on earth it was.

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  2. How excellent! It looks like Southern California. However, the monstera is even better than I had ever seen in the los Angeles region. They may look that good farther south in San Diego. For us up north, they are only houseplants.

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