So the adventure continued. I went back to sleep for a bit but I didn’t want  to miss anything – certainly not a Scottish breakfast. It was light – outside. Not the breakfast. Keep up. There was scenery to scene. Photo opportunities to opportune. 

What a joy the scenery is to behold. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. Wild. Barren. Lush. Green. Dead. All kinds of everything. ( thanks Dana). Such variety. 

So we managed the Scottish breakfast. Not a cordon bleu delight. – more cordon bleughhhhhh. But hot edible and a hot cuppa tea to go with it. And we had to talk to each other.  Sort of. 

Did I say the corridor was thin. I could have made los of new friends in that corridor – getting past each other was tight. And I mean tight! 

At some points I had to Town sideways for fear of getting stuck. 

But I managed to blag a window that opened and took some pics. Don’t try and move me. I’m here for the duration.  

I made sure there was nothing to hit  my face on as I hung out of the carriage- in parts it was pretty barren. But lovely. 

The higher mountains still had snow caps. 

The stations we passed through were pretty well kept and remote. You wouldn’t want to miss your train and have to wait for the next one! Ian did ask me if I wanted to get off and take some photos – yea right. As younwave goodbye when the train takes off. I stayed out. Thank you very much.

To be fair I really enjoyed the journey. I’m sure next year with the new fancy carriages. The new livery. The new food options. But  In 2018 with a new operator there will be new carriages with ensuite compartments, pod flatbeds and a brasserie-style club bar will be part of the new service. I hope with a 60 million grant from the Scottish govt they will keep prices reasonable. Somehow I doubt it. It will become a luxury tourist trip. 

Ian reckoned he’d booked us two tents. He used to go camping as a kid. He forgot. I booked the accommodation. I know where we are going. Trust me it ain’t camping. I may have brought thermals. I may have brought a hat and a scarf. But unless there is an inside toilet a log burner and a dishwasher then I’m sorry. Thanks but no thanks. Not for love. Not for money. 

Fort William was our  final train  destination  – there To pick up a hire car. When did you last hire a car and the person checking yr details actually came to the car. Showed you the controls. Talked to you. Like never. It always used to happen. And it did again today. We met the guy in the car park – dodgy – and he handed over the keys. Sat in the passenger seat. Showed me thecontrols  signed the  papers. I expected  him to say to ian  get in the back mate. I’m coming along for the ride.  He didn’t. This time. 

The last leg of the journey was the ferry. The Corran ferry. A 5 minute crossing to Ardbough. Never complain about the servern  bridge tolls. £8.20. For a 5  min  crosssing. But better than a 35 mile detour. So we arrived. And the house. The garden. The little studio we had rented was glorious. 


The main house. Originally the holiday home of Constance Spry. 

The garden studio. Our home for 4 days. 

I fell in love straight away with the camellia hedge. Which is stunning.  

So we are settled. Food in the fridge. Wine. Crisps. And chocolate. And a map. Oh and an invite to a gallery art exhibition on Friday. Happy holidays. 

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