There’s no doubt I like a holiday. I always have. Like everything i blame  my mother. But then I blame her for almost everything. Growing up she and dad always were always on the go. The garden, out dancing on a Friday and Sunday night. Or going for a ‘run’ on a weekend. Today going for a run means just that – not that I do not even for a bus. To mum and dad it meant getting in the car and driving somewhere. The beach usually. places within easy reach of Cardiff. Lavernock – or knock knock I called it as a youngster. Southerndown. Porthcawl. Llantwit Major. Fontagary. For an ice cream at Penarth or a walk around the show ground at Barry Island. Watching Nessa work the change cabin in Gavin and Stacey brought back memories. What’s occurring indeed. No she wasn’t there in the 60s. But there were people like her! 

I digress. But that’s not unusual. So they gave me the bug. Not to sit down for too long. The garden. Little trips out. Bigger trips. So. Its Easter and we decided on a staycation this year. Scotland won – better go and use my EU passport whilst I still can. Ian’s a Scott. Glasgow born and bred and still yearns for Scotland, it’s friendliness and its scenery. He recalls tales of camping in the highlands and has suggested that we could do that. Yea. Right. Camping – no comments please – is not for me. Unless its luxurious.  Plus. Midges hate me. With a vengeance. 

Instead we book the overight sleeper toFort  William from Euston. It’s by no means cheap but with a bit of thought and a two  together  railcard you can get 34% off your fare. Even the first class fare. Helps when the train guard says nice picture. Which it isn’t. 

From Fort William we will head to Lock Linhie to do a bit of self catering at a garden studio in what was once Constance Sprys holiday home.- where the garden ( oh look a garden thrown in too) is open to the public. I’m hoping  rhododendrons. 

 Ian’s  done the train before but not for a long time. When we board he says nothing has changed. ( I don’t tell him he has) The carriages have been in service for 35 years and are due to be replaced. In 2018. So we have to do and make do with what we have now. I make a note to do this again  when the fancy pants new carriages are in place. Because they do sound fancy with a 100 million  budget. For now I’m glad to experience this one. At these prices because as sure as eggs are eggs there’s only one way they will go. 

To be fair whilst the carriages  look a little tired – as do we – they aren’t bad at all. Clean. Tidy. Good white sheets. A sleep over kit from Arran Aromatics. A sink. The important USB charger point. Interconnecting door between our two single  cabins which actually does make a difference – you don’t feel quite so claustrophobic with the door open. But I did think I was getting one night snore free. 

It’s a bit tight meeting anyone in the corridor especially when someone tries to pass and says breath in. I bl…y well am thank you very much! 

I’ve started to write this at 4am as we have pulled into Edinburgh Waverley where we have stopped for a while before the highland journey. To be fair the stop didn’t wake  me and I’m surprised that I have slept for over 5 hours. The journey  wasn’t as bumpy as I had expected and to be fair whilst the berth  was a little  warm  it’s been really comfortable. I’m not sure I’d want to share a double cabin in bunk beds particularly if I was in the top bunk – I’d be paranoid I’d fall out. But first I’d have to climb up there. And it would need to be reinforced. 

The next leg of the journey will be interesting. We did the west highland line over 20 years ago and it was stunning and then we went from Glasgow to Mallaig. 

So I’m going to be found in the corridor with my camera as we pass through Bridge of Orchy Spean Bridge Rannoch and there will be pictures. As usual.  But first I think I have another hour or so before dawn so I’m going to get a bit more beauty sleep. 

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