I’m lucky enough to live close to Common Farm Flowers in Somerset  and I’m even luckier to be able to say that I’m friends with Georgie Newberry. So I never miss an opportunity to go to the flower farm and help out when they are busy. Or to go to a workshop. Or two. Or three. 
Don’t get me wrong. Help out is a bit of a grand sweeping statement. I sweep the floor. I make the tea. I talk a lot. I might pop some flowers in buckets ready for the artistic bit to be done by others. But what I do get is to be around some of the most lovely British grown flowers that you can find. 

And to be with some lovely people and to eat cake. I always take cake. I think cake  is the answer. To any question. 

It also means I get to see Lorraine aka @lorraines_veg – queen of the jam jar posy  who is there too. Not just for the cake though that helps but to help as well. 

Getting to know Georgie, Sharon  and the flowery folk  has meant that I now look to see where the flowers I buy are grown. Drilled into me. Buy local. Grown not flown. These flowers are all British and dispels the myth that you can’t get British flowers except for the summer months. You can. 

By and large I always buy British. But like lots of things  sometimes you fall off the wagon. There is the odd occasion I don’t. Hands up. Guilty. Particularly when I am in London and I can’t source easily and I want flowers for the house. But more and more places do stock British. 

Our garden In london isn’t a garden. It’s a back yard. Great for pots. For tree ferns. . But no room really for a cutting patch. Well not at all. There are flowers but not enough to pick. There for show . . For colour.  Unlike Somerset where I can and do grow for cutting. ( I’d say picking rather than cutting!). 

I digress. It’s about the flowers. Not me. For once. 

So armed with thermals, vest.,Long johns and a Scarf. Oh. And cake I turned up for duty. You don’t heat up a flower studio – I learnt that bit very quickly!  The first thing that hits you is the colour.  Then the scent. Gorgeous sweet scents. 

I love spring flowers. Well actually. I love flowers full stop. The ranunculus were stunning. The tulips fresh. The anemones like little jewels. The daffodils and narcissi wafting their scent across the studio. The foliage complementing the flowers. Individually lovely but put  together in the bouquets – truly gorgeous. 

Anemone jewels 

I did manage to take some pictures. Well. A lot of pictures to be honest in between doing what ever I was told to do. 

There were bouquets to make. Pussy willow to cut. Hand ties to do. Boxes to pack.  Cake to eat. But there were flowers. Flowers everywhere. 

I just loved the ranunculus. Beautiful red. Bright orange. Gorgeous yellow. White. Strong upstanding. Majestic. I brought some back to london on Monday and they are still making me smile. 

A few of my other favourite pics 

A stunning hand tied bouquet. 

A selection of the lovely ribbon used to tie the posys and the bouquets. 

Who said I’d be bored when I retired. 

British flowers by post can be ordered  and workshops booked at http://www.commonfarmflowers.com

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