I used to hate dahlias growing up. My parents grew them – not a lot but they grew some. But I hated them. They largely grew Pom Poms. They were always plagued by earwigs. Which seemed to creep out when I was near them. Or picked them. 

Decades later I received a bouquet from  Common farm flowers which included dahlias. Beautiful colourful dahlias which looked amazing in a vase. I was hooked and decided to grow some. I put in a small cutting patch of dahlias. This year I added a few more. Next year is an odd one. We are possibly doing an extension which means changes in the garden. But whatever happens there will be dahlias. From Peter Nyssen

On Friday I was at Common Farm Flowers for the day. And there were dahlias. Some gorgeous colours. Shapes. In the brides bouquet. In the jam jar posies for the tables. In the larger arrangements. Mixed with rose petals in the confetti. 

Here are a few pics of this years  flowers. Some are Common Farm Flowers. Some from my garden in Somerset. 

5 thoughts on “Dahlia love 2

  1. I’m also growing to love dahlias more and more. I’ve seen some real beauties in gardens this year. I struggle to grow them in the borders because of slugs and snails and they even get attacked in pots. What’s your secret?

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    1. Thanks. Just lots of slug pellets!! I left them in the ground as well last year. We had loads of slugs and snails but I prob used loads of pellets. They are about the only thing I use them on. Also put them under s cliche for a bit too. They keep
      Going forever.


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