I’m lucky to be able to garden in two different gardens. A small Lcndon garden full of pots – tree ferns in large brightly coloured pots. Agapanthus. Lavender. Herb troughs. Pots & Pots & snails. Not slugs in London. Snails with a prolific breeding programme. Hundreds of the little b—-s.

 A patio/ courtyard that is unstructured , chaotic but at the moment green & waiting for  colour to burst. Overlooked and in the shadow of houses that are back to back. 14 years in & I am still making mistakes in thinking I can grow everything. There have been disasters. 

Somerset is very different. A cottage garden  with a hint of chaotic planting. No scheme. No colour beds. Just plants. I constantly buy plants. Ian says I never plant them. I do. Eventually  I admit and not in the places I anticipated. 

Peter Nyssen tulips

This year will be different. I have retired (early) – I have to keep saying that bit! So I will have more time to garden myself.  I’m not a gardener nor a horticulturist. I garden. There’s a big difference! 

I have also lost the help I had but the hard work they did has left a great  basis to continue. But weeds. We are blighted with weeds. I haven’t been there for two weeks. I know I will be up to my knees in ground elder.  It’s a shame ground elder isn’t a main crop as I could make my fortune. 

By Monday I will ache in places I didn’t know existed. 

a box of magic
I’m excited to have had a delivery from one of my favourite  suppliers  Peter Nyssen  Which I need to plant this weekend. Or  put in pots. In the greenhouse – the one with minimal glass. Another thing to replace. Next year. 

Some last minute dahlias to fill gaps in the borders. The ground has been wet and I’ve lost  things. Dahlias  were so successful in a new  bed last year ( that sounds grander than it is ) – a small patch I turned over to dahlias. Converted to the plants by Georgie at Common farm flowers to grow and to cut.

some of last years beauties .

Inspired by Lorraine Pullen new raised beds I need to prepare a small area at the end of the garden to copy her. ( thanks Lorraine) –  i am unsure if they will house vegetables or a cutting patch that’s for  a decision on another day. 

I have a bean trench to dig and bean canes to put up.  I have a patio to power wash. I have weeding to do. Deadheading. Feeding. Grass to cut. Cakes to bake. ( you need cake when gardening ) 

 How did I ever have time to work!! 

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