So. We are ready for the off. One of my fav days of the year. Chelsea flower show day. This year the sun is shining.

I started going over 20 years ago as a last minute guest. Just two of us on the worst day ever. Me & my dear friend Ann who I owe all my Chelsea visits to.

An introduction of a wet Chelsea and I was hooked. Over the years we have done full days. Half days. Picnicked under the trees. Lunch booked ( in Jan) inside the showground.  Always a Tuesday and we have landed at what now suits us. Always a Tues afternoon.  A group of 10.

Last year was a little different as Ian & I had poodled  off to the Registry office to convert our civil partnership – a surprise to the group! Just us and then a bus to the show just as we had done for the CP. quietly secretly as surprisingly neither like a fuss.

So Chelsea. First – Lunch at Poulet au Pot in Chelsea. Menu varies little although our group does. The core of 4 with added guests! I know what I will have before I arrive. I’m that predictable.

So this year I’m as excited as ever. Armed with my notebook – cash – sensible walking shoes I’m ready for the off.

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